Cooking Poetry

Saute a handful of letters with commas,

Mix until turned into words,

Add doses of fantasy,

The baking of metaphors,

Cover accents the essence of verbs,

Mix with liters of imagination,

Find the beauty in the verses,

Add playful doses of adjectives,

Get several flavors,

Although subjective,

Season with opposite directions,

Throw yourself in the pot of the mind,

Boil and turn on,

The unconscious cooker.

Brain Explosion

Wait for the bubbles of thinking.


On the train,


To remember the direction,

What’s the way of the next station?

Follow the track,

The soundtrack,

To remember that life is like a song,

You are set the tone,

Change the timbre,

Raise the note,

And compose the melody,

Because with each new season,

We descovered new chords.


Some days I wake up bossa nova,

And go to sleep rock n’ roll.

Rail Station

No trem,


Pra lembrar da direção,

Qual o caminho da próxima estação?

Siga a trilha,


Pra lembrar que a vida é uma música,

Você é quem dá o tom,

Eleva o timbre,

Muda a nota,

E compõe a melodia,

Pois é a cada nova estação,

Que descobrimos novos acordes.


Tem dias que se acorda bossa nova,

E se deita rock n’ roll.